Will your next career move be determined by a ‘BOT’?


Whilst Artificial Intelligence (AI) has a place in business particularly for repetitive functions and processes, can AI ever replace the human interaction in the recruitment process to identify the best talent in the market particularly within IT & Cybersecurity? If you’re considering a career move, you need to be aware of how employers are currently using AI within the recruitment process.

Skills Shortage

Within the IT & Cybersecurity sector there is a skills shortage and a high demand for candidates.  In my experience, within this type of market and certainly in the current climate the best candidates are not necessarily actively seeking to leave their current job.  How can AI in the form of BOT approach these highly sort after candidates and ascertain their interest in a new opportunity without speaking to them and discussing the benefits of the opportunity?  In this situation, AI does not have the capability to do this and if an organisation is depending on using a BOT to hire the best talent int his way, then they would simply fail.

Candidate Experience

It does concern me when organisations us AI as part of their hiring process particularly for senior positions.  One of my senior IT candidates was recently invited to a Video Conference interview but the interview was actually with a ‘BOT’!   My candidate is currently Global Head of IT with over 20 years’ experience within his field.  He decided to decline the invite to attend this interview as in his words: ‘If the company can’t be bothered to interview me face to face for such an important role, then it tells me everything about that company.’ 

My candidate shared his experience on LinkedIn as he was interested to find out everyone’s views and whether he did the right thing to decline the interview.  Unanimously, most people responded by saying that If the company are not willing to spend the time talking to you in person then they probably will not value you as a person.   Others felt that a company who does not invest time and effort in recruiting their staff is probably indicative of an organisation which focuses on short term gains over long term value creation and to stay well clear of them.

Recommendation If You’re Considering A Career Move

AI and the use of a BOT I believe have a place for more lower skilled roles within recruitment screening a higher volume of applicants as it would save time and money in this instance. However, within IT & Cybersecurity where candidates are highly skilled, are at a more senior level with many years of experience and industry certifications, this is where AI cannot be used effectively.   Where companies try to use AI to hire within this market, they will not attract the best talent and will create a negative image of their organisation.

In summary, if hiring managers are depending on AI by using a BOT to conduct their interviews, they will lose out on the best candidates within the market.  What is needed to recruit the best talent within IT & Cybersecurity is an experienced and specialist highly consultative approach.  If you would like to arrange a 10 minute telephone call to discuss how we can help you with recruiting the best talent within the market please click on the link below or email me on nigel@nextmoverecruitment.co.uk or call me direct on 0121 643 8849.

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